2014 : Isaac Hunter's Tavern Closes... for now

[2016 UPDATE: 2 years later, Isaac Hunter's Tavern re-opened its doors at 414 Fayetteville Street)

RALEIGH, N.C. — Isaac Hunter's Oak City Tavern will close its doors in downtown Raleigh on March 31, owners announced Tuesday. 

The tavern opened in 2009 amid the Downtown Raleigh Renaissance. Owners say that as their lease began to wind down at 112 Fayetteville St., their landlord, Pete Gillis, decided to go in a different direction, striking a deal with the owner of 606 Nightclub and Myst in Glenwood South to replace the tavern with a new concept. 

Owners Brad Bowles, Ben Yannessa and Zack Medford say they are "heartbroken to see the tavern finally close its doors so abruptly." 

"We are proud of our little bar, and we hate to see it end like this," Medford said, "but we know that we will bring Isaac Hunter’s back in the future, and this time make it everything we’ve always wanted it to be."