Triangle-Area Small Business Owners Urge Repeal of HB2

Zack T. Medford, Senior Partner of Isaac Hunter's Hospitality, spoke out about their group of restaurants in Raleigh.

“When we first opened the doors of our business seven years ago, we found success thanks to the support of our community...Raleigh’s reputation as a welcoming and inclusive city brought an influx of new residents that helped make our business a success. With those residents came national conferences, major events, and most importantly, dollars into our economy,” he said. “Mr. McCrory, I’ve got to tell you, this law has me pretty upset. Discrimination is bad for business. As a small business owner, I’m feeling the direct effects...When HB2 writes discrimination into law, it is not only putting our economy at risk, but it is targeting people who are customers and employees all across the state.  It’s time to repeal HB2.”

Zack Medford